Europan Espoo - Finlandia

2007  Vincenzo Ferrara, Roberto Perego, Daniele Barillari, Laura Bussoli, Sara Lorenzi, Massimo Cicala

This is flexible space that changes based on its needs. The canal is a place for boat storage and at the same time a public space for meeting, playing and relax. The winding residential buildings follow the canal shape. It is possible to walk on the top of the buildings, and across them from the canal to the city side. The offices are concentrated on the canal edge as to fill the empty space left by the existing urbanization. The metro station represents both the arrival from the city and the departure to sea. It also includes public services. Likewise, the public waterfront buildings also take part in the life of the canal. A big energetic roofing protects the canal. It supplies the necessary energy to all this area and represents a green opening in the urban tissue.